2006 IJA Festival
Renegade Shows

Gym/Random Shots
Renegade Shows
Extreme Juggling
Cascade of Stars
Farewell Show
Other Shows
Foucault Pendulum

The Renegade show was held at Windows. Despite being a little small, it's a nice outdoor space at the top of the Red Lion Hotel.

343x480 (150kb) 634x480 (274kb) 316x480 (135kb) 302x480 (140kb) 309x480 (149kb)

675x480 (262kb) 428x480 (181kb) 444x480 (192kb) 720x480 (237kb) 720x480 (231kb)

367x480 (169kb) 393x480 (177kb) 563x480 (262kb) 321x480 (147kb) 607x480 (276kb)

622x480 (266kb) 298x480 (129kb) 642x480 (289kb) 323x480 (151kb) 773x480 (357kb)

290x480 (141kb) 271x480 (133kb) 302x480 (141kb) 323x480 (141kb) 666x480 (285kb)

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